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Juggling the Heart

I saw this on Facebook this morning and it is the epitome of how I have been feeling the last few days. I haven’t posted, I haven’t done anything of merit (Aside from work and homework) I just trudged through.

Evan, my fiancé, and I rarely fight and never disagree in public. We aren’t a super couple who never fights, which is why I am posting this here (even though I know he won’t like it). Let it be known I’m not airing dirty laundry, I’m just expressing how I feel.

Last fight we disagreed while out to dinner. I’m over emotional everytime we argue and last night especially so. I left the table to cry privately in the ladies room. Just as I had finished cleaning up my makeup to go back I get an apology text from Evan. He hasn’t been himself and I knew we’ve both been acting up due to stress.

In the text he let me know he was sorry for it (even though he had done nothing wrong) and how much he loved me. A simple text got me crying again, but this time thankful that he still loved me regardless of our fights. We fully made up during dinner as he was able to make me laugh and held my hand at dinner.

We got caught in the down pour last night while leaving the restaurant and it provided some interesting puns for the ride home.

I’m posting this story to tell others that it is okay to argue, but make sure that you take the time to fix the damage your words can do. If you truly love one another this is worth every ounce of your strength to fix your bond. If you aren’t willing to mend your bond, do you truly care for that person?

Evan and I have known eachother ten years and have been together for nine of those, without him there wouldn’t be a writer on the other side of your screen. He has saved me from the demons that attempt to take my soul away from this world.

Our wedding  has brought out the little fights we don’t typically have. It has brought out the worst in a lot of our relatives and friends, but we are surviving through it- together.

So dear readers, don’t take your partner for granted. Don’t take their love for granted and never go to bed angry with one another.

One comment on “Juggling the Heart

  1. June says:

    Love is a “give and take”, sometimes you/he give 100% and other times yiu/he take 100% and everything in between. Love is not perfect and neither are any of us. Keep the communications open and nevrr, ever go to bed angry. Love conquers all. Remember we all come from different families. No omevisctight all the time. Your families love you both very much♡


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