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So a few days ago I found that some magical humans ship books to people’s houses for a small nominal fee.

These books are also brand new and current, as in publish in 2016. I thought that this was an amazing idea! Come to find out there are quite a few companies that do this, some even include special treats!

Since I am broke due to wedding expenses and saving for adult things like houses and vacations I shopped around for the best deal with the best perks. I decided to try Uppercase, I purchased a three month book exclusive experience and I am anxious! I have a small goal over the next few months with these books.

1. Read one per month

2. Give my opinion on the quality and context of the book

3. Blog about it.

I feel like this would be a good Avenue for me to explore since it is part of what you do as a writer, you look at others works and see what can be improved and what worked. I also plan on using this as a guide of what is popular verses what is lacking in our modern literature.

Many a literature class has taught me that the successes and failures hinge upon one thing: readability.
Now I want to make one thing perfectly clear Upper Box is not sponsoring me and I spent my own hard earned money on the small gift subscription for myself. So in no way will I be compensated by Upper box if you go there and purchase it after reading one of my reviews. 

(Although I am not opposed to the idea.)

Uppercase is a Huffington Post writers love child with literature. Lisa hand selects each Young Adult novel that goes into her boxes (along with a special team) and the bookish items that come with the Expert package. What I loved most about Uppercase was the personal touches and the option to just get a book a month. Other services didn’t offer that. Each book is also signed by the author, no other service can really say that. Cost wise Uppercase was the most effective option.

Needless to say I am extremely excited for my subscription to arrive! I am also looking forward to having some spending money once my dream wedding is paid for! I want to apologize for the lack of content on my blog; I am, for lack of better terms, completely stressed out and want to do literally nothing but sleep the next 28 days. But I have rent to pay and cats to take care of. This little venture of book critic should help with motivating me to write and also get some content.

Have a shameless picture of my cat for good luck!

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