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Writing Elephant

I couldn’t wait to get home yesterday!! It felt like it was my birthday! I raced to the mailbox to find my prize! 

I love the simple packaging and the no fusiness about it. I find simple better.

Before I expose the book these are the little goodies you get when you just order the book. A book mark with exclusive content and discussion boards, a personal note (which I adore the personal touches! Makes me feel like I got a gift from a friend), and a small poster related to the book.

My goodies weren’t as fancy as those who got the Expert Experience, but for what it’s worth this is still perfect. I get a book and some extra goodies that is stuff that I would be able to get at a book store.

So the final piece to this that I haven’t been able to put down (aside to do a few things).

I was hesitant about this after reading the summary on the inside flap. As of right now all I can say I was wrong. I’ll give more on that in my review in a little bit.

Overall I am very impressed with Uppercase. Signed book, a few goodies, and personalized service. I ordered with one email and contacted them with another and they merged my accounts. Also they are highly responsive and do the best they can for their customer. Visit their Facebook to see how well the team handles customer issues. They are so kind and understanding and try to avoid spoiling their crate before members recieve theirs!  That’s what you call top notch customer service!

I will post in about a week once I have time to sit with the book and actually analyze after my initial reading.

See you all soon!

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