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Twilight PTSD

So this is a funny subject because it just seems ridiculous.

I was in high school when Stephanie Meyer published Twilight and the remainder of the series. I ate them up like they were something amazing.

Ha… ha. Yeah, so context wise they were unoriginal and the characters were not fleshed out. Bella was the flatest character of them all. As a reader you could completely bypass her and pretend it was you dating Edward instead. Not what you want in a lead.

I will give Meyer two cool points and only two. She came up with a very original way to showcase werewolves and giving vampires the option to feed off of animals instead of humans was brilliant.

That brilliance was countered by the fact that they f-ing sparkled.

Vampires should never sparkle.

The love triangle was okay the first two books, after that it should have stopped once she made a choice to be with Edward.  Jacob’s storyline was great, I would have loved to read more of that. Bella ruined the only good male character.

Heck there are characters I loved in the novels, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper would have made great books or short novellas. She completely for went great story lines to dish out the mediocre love story of the millenia.

Every vampire story I read I get nervous it’s going to be a Twilight knockoff. Every outcast girl I read about in a summary I’m afraid she is going to be as lifeless and uninteresting as Bella. Every brooding guy I assume is going to be an asshat like Edward. I get anxiety reading Young Adult novels because I assume they are going to use this abomination of a series as a guide to “good” YA books.

So essentially every YA book I pick up this stigma of what-if happens and reader regret.

Please don’t make me talk about this again.

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