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Writing Elephant

How do you describe the best feeling in the world? I don’t think there is a way to describe what I experienced on Sunday.

I married my best friend of nine years. The only man I could have ever dreamed of marrying. Thanks to his planning, his care, and his love everything went perfectly; even the hiccups. The only time I was truly nervous was when he dropped me, my mother, and my bridal party off at the venue to finish getting ready. It was because he was away from me. He is my rock in moments when I am unsure or nervous so I was very anxious to see him during the ceremony.

This photo, taken by our amazing photographer, lets me relive the moment I was finally able to see him. I almost ran down the aisle to get to him. Once I got there I was shaking so hard from anxiousness. All I wanted to do was kiss him. I don’t know how those brides who don’t see their groom the night before or the day of keep calm. I would have been a complete mess. Without him, I honestly do not know where in the world my life would have lead me. I am honored to be his wife.

Once the ceremony was over we took more pictures, most of which I haven’t seen yet! Amanda was kind enough to post quite a few sneak peeks for us, which will be featured here, but I will not receive the rest for a little while.

Everything from the entrance announcements to dinner, the dances, the cupcakes… Quite literally everything went right! Hermine even held off for us so we got beautiful breezy fall weather on our special day!

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It is hard to put into words how truly special Sunday was for Evan and I. I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. I would relive it every day if I could!

I hope  to post some of my guest’s photos on my facebook page for this site so please feel free to jump over and relive it with me for the next few weeks!

The next post will be books and writing I swear! I’ll leave you with my favorites of just Evan and myself!

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I promise this is actually us! It looks too perfect for us too!

. . .

Special shout out to all our vendors who made Sunday absolutely perfect!

Venue: Foster Country Club Special thanks to Amanda, Jessica, and Staff!

Photography: Amanda Jordan- Amanda Jean Photography

DJ: Manny- All Occasion DJs

Officiant: Ashley Powers

Makeup Artist: Samantha Brotman

Hair Stylist: Sarah of Salon Jaz

Dress: Purchased at Couture Bridal

Alterations: Alterations Plus

One comment on “Officially Victoria Lawrence!

  1. June Champagne says:

    You were beautiful, more beautiful than I have ever seen you look. Evan is the sweetest man I know. I could not believe how emotional he was watching you come down the isle. I love how happy he makes you & how much he loves you, making me love him. Aunty June

    Liked by 1 person

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