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Review: June By Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

Courtesy of Penguin Random House- Blogging for Books


June truly immersed me in 1955. I found myself listening to Frank Sinatra, completely absorbed in the world of June and Lindie. On the other hand, I also found a familiar soul in Cassie, the sassy bed-headed recluse of a granddaughter.  The main plot revolves around why Cassie is named a dead silver screen swooner’s sole heir. By itself, the Cassie plot wouldn’t hold much weight, but combining it with the forbidden love story of June in her prime years… it captivates!


From beginning to end I didn’t want to put the book down! I regretfully had to (this blogger needs her beauty rest), but each time I came back I was pushed into the world head first. The characters almost felt like life-long friends, especially Lindie and Cassie. My one gripe was that we couldn’t see more of the lives they held outside of St Jude. I wanted more of each character, I wanted them to breathe more life than they already did. Lindie did most of the living in my eyes, she breathed and sweat and cried next to me as I was reading. Some characters, like June, Cassie, and Nick barely made it off the page. I wanted more from them, but was satisfied with how they progressed in the story. They left me wanting more of them, which is all an author can really hope for.


The concept of a 37 million dollar inheritance is enough to peak even the saltiest of reader’s interest. Combined with a semi-haunted house, a battle for DNA, an edge of your seat love triangle, and three barrier pushing forbidden hidden loves, it is enough to keep one entertained for hours turning page after page. I think I read this in a total of two days, it was over a week period of two to three-hour reading bursts as I was spending more of my time enjoying newly wedded bliss and hours of name change business. This book removed me from all the bitterness of those hours spent apart from it.


Miranda Beverly-Whittemore wrote so well between the time jumps that it was seamless. Kudos, Beverly-Whittemore! That is a difficult feat! I do have to nit-pick one thing and only because it bothered me, I wanted just as much detail for the 2015 story line as I got for the 1955 story line. It made it seem as though the 2015 story line with Cassie, Tate, and entourage was just an afterthought to make the book a tad more interesting and marketable. June and Lindie’s story was perfect in concept on its own, but would need a great deal more detail to absorb the reader.


Overall, I loved the book from beginning to end and had I not had the opportunity to read it by participating in Blogging for Books, I don’t think I would have picked it up. A huge thank you to Penguin Random House for the copy so I could enjoy, review, and recommend this book to others!


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