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It’s been super busy lately! I finally finished The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron and finally finished my notes for it! So here, finally, is my review! Only took me fifteen days! 

Let me just say the sleeve and cover of this book are beautiful! I adore the color choice and it fits the theme of the book very very well! The little goodie I got from Uppercase was a perfect touch as well! 

Saying it now: spoilers ahead!

Upon first few chapters the world Cameron creates is odd, people write books and chant “We are our memories”, it’s very cult vibe. But the main character is great. Nadia is the only one that can in fact remember, according to her everyone else loses their memories every twelve years. This is evident by all the memory propaganda and the constant fear of books being taken.

Nadia is outgoing and spunky in her head, but a recluse in public. Being the only one who remembers she tries to seclude herself so she doesn’t get hurt. The book is written in first person, which I don’t believe this would work in third person, and helps the reader understand Canaan and it’s people.

The book opens on a vital moment, when Nadia interacts with Gray. This interaction is the entire basis for the rest of the book, without it Nadia wouldn’t have become the literal savior of Canaan. It’s a little ex machina, but for an opening I let it slide.

Gray and Nadia’s budding relationship was my favorite part, bar none. I just wanted more of it! Especially once the Forgetting happened, I wanted more of them. The triangle with the ink makers son Eshan wasn’t needed but provided some interesting movements in the story.

Cameron, you had a serious plot twist. I don’t really want to spoil it but let’s just say exploration gone awry and Janis is at the center of it. Janis was a too perfect villain with ex machina abilities to wiggle her way out of tough spots too easily. That managed to tweak my nerves, but  will say some of it was very necessary. Nadia had some of this as well, but again was able to overlook it and it did feel slightly necessary.

I have one gripe and only one. It ended too quickly after the Forgetting. I wanted more, but couldn’t have it. I think this would be an amazing movie and would go right to the theater the second it was released! I highly, highly recommend this book!!

Kudos again to Uppercase for another great pick!

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