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I just finished Kerri Maniscalco’s Stalking Jack the Ripper. It was amazing!! The ending was completely unexpected and threw me for a loop! 

Honestly I was skeptical about purchasing Maniscalco’s book because it had Patterson’s name on it, but was pleasantly surprised. Also learned that the company head looks for YA authors and brings them to the front by putting James Patterson’s name on it. Weird marketing but it worked and I am very glad it did!

Audrey Rose is an amazing heroine and I adore her! I am loving all the strong heroines that I have been reading lately! She carves cadavers in her spare time. How bad ass is that? I also love the fact that she is of Indian decent, this is a social taboo during the Victoria time period (it’s like mixing Caucasian and African-American during the sixties) and I am so proud that she owned every aspect of her heritage whenever she could. I would have like to see her wearing more Saris rather than her riding breeches, but that’s just me.

Thomas Cresswell was kind of a Sherlock Holmes clone mixed with Penny Dreadful’s Victor Frankenstein. Rather enjoyable but cliché. I loved him anyway through, it was the sarcasm and the way he treated Audrey reminded me of Evan. Unlike Audrey I get rampant movie quotes and fart jokes, but the sarcasm is what I love most about my husband.

The dynamics between the two are great and I love how they feed off of eachother’s energy, with out that I think the book might have been too bland even with a surprise ending. I wish we saw more of the person Thomas actually was beyond some of Audrey’s lens, but for the length of the book it worked.

There were some details I wish I had more information on, Nathaniel, Lady Wadsworth, both Lord Wadsworths, and how they played into the person that was Audrey beyond just being family. I wanted something a touch more concrete about them because they fell flat next to characters like Thomas and Audrey. Heck there were times when even Miss Audrey fell flat compared to the life Thomas gave the novel. Had there been just a few extra pages for each character they could have leaped off the pages.

Overall I highly recommend the book, it was a great one to get me in the spirit for Halloween! I am not going to spoil the ending because it was just too good!

Happy reading!

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