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Writing Elephant

Recently I decided to break my book buying ban for one book in particular. milk and honey by Rupi Kaur.

I bought it to try and break my reading slump which, I am very thankful, it has. Rupi’s poetry reminds me of when I first started out writing. My poetry was vengeful. I wrote about boyfriends, troubles I had with my parents, about backstabbing friends, and anything to get my emotions out of my angsty teenage head. I haven’t written poetry in a while and Rupi’s three-part work reminded me how healing it can be. I probably won’t relive my old poetry for my own sanity, but I plan on purchasing more poetry books like Rupi’s.

Each turning of the page presented a poem that made sense for me that day. The drawings added to the words on the page and added an element of confirmation. I adored that Rupi talks to the reader throughout the entire book. It felt as though it wasn’t just her story being told to us but that we are experiencing it with her. I could feel her heartache and sadness. I could feel her successful mourning and growing after the break-up.

Curious, I decided to visit Rupi’s website. Reading her FAQ section it is scary because it is almost like I am reading my own work… you know if I was a self-published highly successful author. She explains why she writes the way she does and what aspects of her poetry are important to her. It is truly a treat to be able to sit with the common questions us bibliophiles would love to know about an author answered in their own words. If you have read milk and honey but haven’t read Rupi’s website, I highly recommend it. It adds an entirely new perspective on the work.

I was originally skeptical about picking up milk and honey, but I am so glad I did. Not only do now feel like I have a kindred spirit somewhere, but I also feel like I can explore my own methodologies of writing. I miss poetry, I miss writing out of passion. What I miss most is the person I am when I am writing. So here is to a year of writing.


To experience the mind of Rupi, click here. Especially if you have already read her book, you won’t regret it. If you haven’t check it out all the same, it might bring you around.

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