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Murder of Crows: Fjerdian Heist

The feels man!

I don’t want to get into too many spoilers but this book was amazing! I was instantly shipping Kaz and Inej within their first interaction. And I have to say I adore Kaz! Like I would be one of those girls swooning over him in the Barrel. Inej is the woman I wish I could be. Silent, stealthy, and completely badass. Needless to say I loved all of Leigh’s characters! They were very well rounded and felt like real people. 

Leigh’s style isn’t for everyone but I really enjoyed the character chapter focus. The book is written completely in third person and each chapter is a different characters perspective. I loved this! Unlike some other YA novels, Harry Potter is a prime example of this, you don’t just follow one character or are only in one characters head. I enjoyed knowing information about Kaz that no one else knew. I loved seeing the interactions with Nina and Matthias from their eyes. Jesper and his hand guns were particularly enjoyable when he was with Wylan. 

Every aspect of this book gave something good new. It was gritty and bold. The Barrel felt alive and at times I could smell the harbours. I could also feel the frigid coastline of Fjerdian. Nothing was left untouched while reading. This is a novel fanfiction can be written about and honestly it would be the best thing ever. 

As a writer there was only one instance when I felt pulled out of context. One. Leigh whoever edited this, hang on to them, they are amazing! Six of Crows completely immersed me in its world, so much so that jumping into the new book I felt like no time has passed. 

This will be my only real spoiler. The ending is not for the faint of heart. It will make you cry. You will want to tear the pages out. You will want to rip characters limb from limb. 

I can’t wait to see where Crooked Kingdom will lead our band of Crows.

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