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Writing Elephant

Stop thinking about writing, stop worrying about writing, and just actually sit in one place and write something.

-Augusten Burroughs

Dont Flinch” by Jack Smith interviewing Augusten Burroughs for The Writer Magazine

The tip mentioned above was originally intended for memoirists, but it fits my current situation just as well.

I haven’t been writing. Hell, I’ve barely been reading. Mostly because I’ve “been busy”, which is just a fancy way of me saying I’m too tired to do anything but work and veg out on my couch watching BuzzFeed videos, “WestWorld”, and Rooster Teeth content. I became complacent in my everyday life since coming back from my honeymoon.

On my honeymoon I did whatever I wanted to do to relax; none of which, I am sad to say, was writing. I am not feeling guilty that I didn’t write, but realizing that it would have been a great time to write. I did, however love the time with my husband and adored the time I didn’t feel pressured to do something socially acceptable. 

Everyone, and I mean pretty much everyone, was constantly on their phones or iPad, or their laptops! Some folks were actually working and holding conference calls! No, they weren’t staff either. If was great to be free of that during the week we spent on board. The two weeks following the trip have been getting back into work schedules and having daily responsibilities again. As soon as we get back at it our life is being upended again!

Will I finally settle into a routine of daily life and writing? Being a morning person doesn’t work for me so being a night owl I might have to be! If any of my readers are also writers, what time of day works better for you to write? Any help is great!

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