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Writing Elephant

I haven’t been consistent with my blogging. I’ve changed gears several times and probably confused my audience in more ways than I’ve intended. My life isn’t structured. I work, come home and veg out, do homework, and sleep. It is the time that I take the moments I am wasting into my own hands.

So from now on, I plan on writing a few times a week. My homework will take priority some days, but it is my sincerest hope to write on an almost daily basis. If I wish to make this a career I need to put the excuses away.

I am not too busy to find time to better myself. I am not too busy to make myself happy. 

I have an expensive planner that I haven’t properly used in months. I am planning out my weeks on Sunday’s and seeing what I can accomplish each week. This week so far has been a success. The days I have designated to using my stationary bike I have used the bike for the full 30 minutes I set aside. This is my second writing day this week and I hope to alternate between writing for the blog and working on my two stories. Ezzy and Steven at the moment have put themselves on hold, but during my planned vacation from work we will sit and see where we can restructure their lives. Which brings me to my Patreon. I will no longer be posting there. It was naive of me to attempt that, as I am no closer to the editing process than I am to publishing it.

The minimal family and friend support was also difficult. In the age of social media, people don’t care if you are a struggling artist attempting to get paid, they just want to connect with you and complain about it. When I can, I always support my friend’s business or creative ventures. I don’t ask for anything for free because I understand that their time is valuable. Which is why I stopped my Patreon. My time is valuable and if currently, I am only writing my stories for me, then that is where I have to focus my time. Writing here is to give me something else to do when I hit writer’s block.

What now?

Well, for now, I plan on talking about my journey as a writer. How I keep going, what is difficult for me, what I use for inspiration… Everything that I hope to teach students when I get my Masters. Granted, there will be many posts on here about my personal life and what is going on, but what is a blog but a glorified diary?

So, one final time, will you take this journey with me (and secretly will you hold me to it)?


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