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It has been one hell of a year. I’ve learned a lot these past twelve months and believe me, it hasn’t been pretty. This just happens to be my anniversary month of starting the blog. I want to thank everyone who has joined me on this journey! And I also want to thank myself. Without this blog, there are some moments where I feel like I might have given up as a writer. In light of recent events, that makes me hopeful.

It was irony, or maybe some sick twisted version of ‘fate’ that made Chester Bennington take his own life around the time of his mentor and friend Chris Cornell’s birthday. It makes me think that life is so fragile, that even the strongest of us fail. I know I’ve talked openly about mental illness here before, but now more than ever it needs to be said.

You matter. You are loved. You are needed. You are strong.

If you need to talk to someone, do it. Reach out to that friend that you feel you can trust. Tell them the truth on why you need to talk. Yes, it is hard. Yes, it won’t be easy opening up to that person about your issues. It will be the best thing you’ve ever done. As soon as I started talking to someone about my issues I no longer felt alone. Hell, half the time it is only this that helps. Talking in any capacity helps. So talk, even if it is to a Mental health phone line worker (I know it is technically the “Suicide Hotline” but that terminology sucks and increases stigma). Write it out if that helps, invite a friend to coffee and talk about it. Text, call, email, private message… Do anything to help before you take that final step.

Because it bears repeating: You are loved. You are needed. You matter more than you think.

I know this hurts. I know that it feels like the end of the world. I know it feels like the only way out, but remember that one day you could help save another because you know what it is like. That is all someone needs to hear before you offer a shoulder to lean on and listen to their story.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT!! say that you or so and so had it much worse. That shit doesn’t help.

Listen, be compassionate. Tell the person that they can reach out at any point in time, that you will be there for them. They need an ally, they need a friend, they need to feel loved. They might question you and your loyalty to them, that’s normal. But keep going back.

Okay, time to hop off the soapbox. This does need to be said, as it becomes more prevalent day by day.

You are loved, dear reader. Live your dreams.

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