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The smaller the state the less of one type of person right? Like I’m the only writer in all of Rhode Island, right?

Actually, that isn’t true at all as most writers tend to hide in the shadows! But recently I have found a clan of them that meet up at a local tea shop once a month. They call themselves “The Lively Literati” run by the Association of Rhode Island Authors! Jackpot!

If you follow me on Facebook you probably know that I run a very small group that I started in July. My main reason for starting it was because I couldn’t find one to join! Fellow writer, that I happened to Instagram stalk for a bit, Logan Miehl moved to Rhode Island recently and turned to her fans on Instagram asking about local groups. I responded saying I would gladly make one! Logan is such a sweetheart and has just released her newest book, to which I am dying to read!

It was because of Logan that I started to look deeper into the writer community around me, which is how I found ARIA and started attending the Literati events. This also inspired me to do another huge thing, read my work in a public space.


Insert awkward picture of me by the Literati events photographer, Guy Natelli!

This was my first time ever reading one of my own works to a room full of strangers! It also happened to be a really personal piece about my former attempted suicide. Reading it in a place where it felt like it would be accepted and to see everyone’s awe at reading it, was the greatest feeling in the world! Watching everyone else and seeing the same expression of acceptance is what keeps me coming back to this event. Well, that and it’s held at the amazing Schastea in Historic Pawtuxet Villiage!

The piece I read was from a collection of poems I am working on and hope to soon get published. It is titled, Ringmaster. I read this at the August event, which featured two local authors. BJ Knapp (who has just released her debut novel) and children’s author Lisa Batch! It was such a fun event with Lisa, who composed music to go along with her children’s book, was dancing and singing and Knapp who’s Polish parents came to the event were a little shocked during her reading of a section of her novel! All good fun with great people!

It is events like these that I realize how important community and supporting local business and authors are! Considering I plan to be one someday.

I will post in the coming week more about Association of Rhode Island Authors, the Lively Literati events, and what I am working on. For now, I wanted to let you know my new direction when it comes to my website and the types of posts you can look forward to seeing.


In the meantime here is a funny photo of me photobombing poor BJ Knapp!


For more pics like this visit ARIA’s Facebook page, I happen to be behind all the authors at this event. I picked the worst seat for a first timer!

Association of Rhode Island Authors FB page

They are actually very funny!

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