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Writing Elephant

Poetry was the start to my journey into writing actively. I recently found an old journal of mine with over eighty poems in it! All written between 2004 and 2010. Granted some of them are cringe worthy, but many of them symbolize my trials through adolescence and the dreaded teen years. 

There are quite a few I hope to edit and place among my collection, which I plan to really delve into during Christmas. My deadline is moving out after the New Year for this collection. I want to participate in NaNoWriMo again this year to get more material for my book, now that I have plotted most of it out. Last year I tackled NaNo without any idea what was going on. This year I know better! 

I want to really give this collection enough time before I attempt to publish it. This will be my first ever publishing venture! And honestly it is nerve wracking. Creatively it will be the most complex thing, that isn’t writing, for me. I plan to research publishers, get professional photos taken, research formatting… There is so much that goes into publishing that it might take a bit before I can actually hold my published work in my hands.

As a writer it will also be my first achievement. Proof to tell people “I made it”.

I have submitted one of my poems to Southern New Hampshire University’s Penmen Review, but haven’t heard back as of yet! I plan to submit a few different poems to different publications, but havent found the right ones yet. When I do I will post that in the Current Works section with any links to them if they get published.

One comment on “Power of Prose

  1. jenniewriter says:

    That is so cool! I have a trove of old journals that I can’t get to, up high in a crawl space. I am scared to look because I’m afraid they will have been destroyed by mice or something…but I want to look. I’m also just scared to look at that old life stuff, but I’m going to get up there one of these days because they might contain really good information that could help me with my nonfiction. I bet it will be a meaningful endeavor for you to go through those old poems with the idea of editing some of them. I think it could add an interesting and meaningful layer to your current work.


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