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Writing Elephant

Needless to say 2020 has been an interesting year….

January: I had my final Winter Residency and finished my Critical Thesis. Reorganized my basement and officially created an office space!

February: Got a nose ring (this is big for me!), joined RI’s What Cheer Writer’s Club, took a writing class with fellow What Cheer member Evelyn Archer. Which is part of the inspiration for today’s post, more on that later.

March: Got severly sick, bronchitis with severe asthma complications, the week before my quarantine started which for me was Friday March 13th. My 9-5 job, which is selling medical equipment, went bonkers and has been ever since. But I have good friends who work from home and were able to give me tips on how to not go insane while working in the same space I write in. One of my many mentors, Danielle Trussoni, would discourage me from this, but it is the only way to keep Sebastian from sleeping on the computer equipment.

April: Still in quarantine and found that I am lacking motivation to continue with my novel. I am one month in and today is probably the hardest day I have had since being sick. But I found solace in my tarot cards and the techniques Evelyn taught me earlier in the year.

A free tip for you! Instead of reading the booklet, interpret the card/cards on their own based on the imagery. This is something that didn’t come instinctively to me and I was always buried in the guidebook for my personal and group readings (when I was doing them). I now feel like I have a better sense of what my cards are trying to tell me and I use one deck for my personal readings and one deck for my writing readings. The deck I am currently using if the Bianco Nero Tarot by Marco Proietto. Below was from today’s card pull.

I was stuck and needed guidance. The cards never disappoint!

I hope to start posting more frequently on here since I have cut Facebook out for the time being. The Pandemic has made it so most social media is hard right now. The only one I am regularly on is Instagram at the moment, so follow me there!

(Cover photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash)

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