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Descend  on 10/28/2018

A collection of poetry that surrounds the reader with difficult topics of love, loss, ground-breaking poems about suicide, and descending into darkness. “Descend” is the first poetry collection to be published by VE Lawrence. Many of the poems were featured at the Association of Rhode Island Author’s Lively Literati events, own your favorites from her readings today!

Available for Purchase in Paperback and Kindle!


Novel in Progress

Steven is a graduate school drop out, an addict, and a washed up journalist. He is currently attending rehab to get clean after the birth of his daughter. The story follows him through his sessions and his memories of finding out why he became an addict and how to overcome the urge to use through healing. Steven explores his relationship with his daughter’s mother, her family, as well as his own family. Can this dad come clean, for his daughter and for himself?

Working Synopsis
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